Washington University in St. Louis

Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics

Dr. W. Robert Binns - Principal Invesigator
Dr. Jay Cummings1
Dr. Paul Hink2
Dr. Martin Israel
Dr. David Lawrence3
Dr. Jason Link4
Dr. Stephanie Sposato5

Richard Bose - Technical Assistant
Dana Braun - Mechanical Technician
Paul Dowkontt - Electrical Engineer
John Epstein - Mechanical Engineer
Michael Mendenhall - Technical Assistant
Martin Olevitch - Computer Programmer
Brian Rauch - Graduate Student Research Assistant
David Schuster - Technical Assistant
Lauren Scott - Senior Graduate Student Research Assistant
Garry Simburger - Electrical Technician

Washington University Machine Shop
Todd Hardt
Denny Huelsman
Tony Biondo

Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Louis Barbier
Dr. Eric Christian6
Dr. Georgia DeNolfo
Dr. John Mitchell

Stephen Holder - Electrical Technician

California Institute of Technology

Space Radiation Laboratory

Dr. Sven Geier
Dr. Richard Mewaldt
Dr. Stephen Schindler
Dr. Ed Stone

University of Minnesota

Dr. Jake Waddington

1Currently at Goddard Space Flight Center
2Currently at Burle Industries
3Currently at Los Alamos National Laboratories
4Currently at the University of Hawaii
5Currently at the Air Force Research Lab at Kirkland Air Force Base
6Currently at NASA Headquarters


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